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Visitor Management System

With a continuous stream of visitors coming to organizations, it is important to secure the workplace Sturdily, streamline the visitor check-in process, capture detailed information of visitor and analyze the visitor movement.

VMS is a smart software which is equipped with right tools to monitor visitors, capture their photographs with all necessary details, issue professional looking ID cards, network multiple branch offices by having a common visitor database, allow to generate MIS reports such as frequent visitors, frequently visited employees, restrict entry to certain areas, restrict entry of some unwanted visitors, etc. So pre-scheduled visits and un-scheduled visits can be managed in a way that saves waiting time of visitors.

Prior appointments can be fixed and information will be sent to the security department. Email of the appointment request can be sent to the gate by the officer to be visited before the visitor arrives for quick verification and validation.

Repeat visitors can be allowed speedy entry as their details are auto picked from the database. If required the VMS can be provided with Webcam, barcode scanners, RFID readers and biometric reader.

We have gone a level further whereby you can link this Visitor Management System with access control systems either a door, turnstile, tripod or a flap barrier. This ensures capture of IN and OUT time. So at the end of the day you are able to track who are still left inside. You can send alerts to all departments- if some visitor has overstayed the visit. This is very useful in Museum, Zoological Parks, Goverment. Buildings, Large Buildings, etc.


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