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Introduction :

We offer  Free Samples of thermal ribbons for testing, so you can be assured that the products you purchase from us will meet your needs.

Basically there are three type of Thermal Transfer Ribbons-

  • Wax : Inexpensive, mostly used for indoor applications. Wax ribbons for standard printing on paper materials
  • Wax-Resin : Long life & good resistance. Wax/resin ribbons for excellent resistance proof printing for carton labeling
  • Resin : For harsh environments & long life. Resin ribbons provide ultimate durability against chemicals and heat on synthetic materials.
  • Premium Resin : Premium Resin for the wash care labels.
Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons are recommended for use on uncoated paper and tag stock. Our Wax Thermal Ribbons are enhanced with a slight blend of resin to improve printability and durability compared to competitive thermal ribbons which are constructed of all wax.