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Introduction :

We provide complete range of Labels & Tags (Plain / Pre-printed) for all Barcode printers.

Barcode Label is a label that is used to attach a barcode to an item. Bar codes are read at ultra high-speeds and depending on the scanning tool used, potentially thousands of items can be scanned and processed with in seconds. In addition, bar code labels offer a level of consistency that is unmatched through manual data entry approaches.

For example : Barcodes are used on boarding passes, tickets, to track employees, to track wildlife and so on.

Various kinds of barcode labels we deals with, are as follow :
  • Thermal barcode labels/ Pre-printed labels
  • Paper / Polyster labels
  • Self adhesive labels
  • Printed / Plain Barcode labels
  • Type (Metal) labels
We are serving ( Barcode quality products) for  various kinds of industries like :
  • Manufacturing units,
  • Retail stores,
  • Parma industries,
  • Automobiles Industries,
  • Schools & Libraries
  • Any where  Barcode labels are  required for Bulk .