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Essentially barcodes are simple printing on surface. It can be ink on paper, paint on plastic, paint on metal, engraving on metal, etc. The barcode is a group of symbols made by combining various thickness of white and black lines. Bar Code technology encompasses the symbologies that encode data to be optically read. The only drawback is that the barcode system requires line of sight to be read.

More than 300 different Bar Code symbologies exist today, but less than 20 have popular applications. The Bar Code symbology is a pattern of bars and spaces following specific standards which when read by a scanner, interpret the bars and spaces as characters and numbers.

There are linear or one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional (2D) codes.

One dimensional codes contain the same information throughout the height of the code, making them vertically redundant. This allows some acceptance of voids and specks in the printing process.

Two-dimensional codes (2D) can be used to carry large amounts of data such as license plates. These 2D barcodes are mainly of two types- stacked and matrix. The former is a series of one-dimensional codes horizontally stacked on each other. Matrix codes, meanwhile, have black spots (often square or rectangular shaped) in different positions within a matrix. The position of that spot or element is what encodes the data. The scalable matrix code usually offers higher data densities than the stacked code. The new UCC symbology families stack or combine different codes, including linear and 2D codes, into one symbol.

Barcode Based Solutions offered by us:

Complete Range Of Barcode Equipments

Barcode Scanners : CCD, Long Range CCD, Laser and Omni-directional Table Top barcode Scanners
Barcode Label Printers : Desk Top Thermal Transfer Label Printer, Industrial Metal Body Printers with print speeds of 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch and 12 inches per sec; and print width from 4 inch upto 8 inch width, etc. These printers are available in 203 dpi,300 dpi, 400 dpi and 600 dpi.
Direct Thermal Receipt Printer for fast receipt printing;40 col wide
Data Capturing Unit : A portable intelligent terminal which is programmable, has a built-in barcode scanner and has a built-in memory to store the transaction data which can be downloaded to a PC either online or in a batch mode.
We provide customized software's along with the above hardware equipment for - Library Automation, Work - In - Progress, Warehouse Management, Capital Asset tracking, Retail Labeling, Export Item Labeling, Logistic Application, Path labs and others.
Identification Labels : labels for Barcode printers, pre-printed labels on paper, polyester, metal, cloth, etc
For printing the labels we provide Thermal Transfer Ribbons-wax, wax-resin, resin..