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Vehicle Monitoring and Parking Automation - ParkEZY 1.1.0

Vehicle Monitoring and Parking Automation - ParkEZY 1.1.0, is a fully computerized solution to monitor vehicle coming IN and OUT of parking areas. It have a centralized control for monitoring the access of vehicles entering or exiting the parking.

Managing parking areas at public parking places such as multilevel parking lots, co-operative societies, college/school campus, government offices, Call centers, large shopping malls, etc. is a very challenging task as there is a need to search for available parking space, how many slots are empty, collection of parking fee, security of vehicles etc. The chances are that someone coming in one vehicle and taking out another vehicle. So looking at all these complicated issues there is a need of robust system to manage the parking lots.

ParkEZY is the best suited software system to monitors all the vehicle coming in and going out. It records the time of entry/exit; give access to authorized persons only. It is a fully automatic system and does not need any attendant at entry or exit points. The System is capable of managing multi-floor parking lots. Entry of all members and non-members to the parking area can be managed easily. Vehicles with barcoded tickets will be allocated the empty slots dynamically. Slots can be reserved previously for members or regular customers. Barriers at different access points (ENTRY and EXIT) can be controlled simultaneously. ParkEZY system is integrated with a high pixel digital Camera, at ENTRY and EXIT gates which captures the snaps at the time of ENTRY and EXIT which will help in the comparison of pictures. So it safeguards from frauds. Parking fee is paid at the accounts console, which is equipped with a display, a cash-drawer and a receipt printer. Accounts can be managed easily and reports can be generated. Graphical status of the parking can be viewed using a centralized system.